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Masking tape

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Masking tape

With fabric tape duct tape

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With fabric tape duct tape

Ideal for masking on stone and on many porous and uneven surfaces.

Application area:

For use by painters and stucco plasterers as masking material in the façade area.
Attach top edge, pull film apart. Film automatically clings to the object

Field of Application:

Main users: Painters, stucco plasterers, plasterers


  • For outdoor use

  • Rolls also available individually

  • Store in a dry place protected from heat

  • The fabric tape has a width of 20 mm


  • Due to the static charge, the film clings to all objects.

  • Highly adhesive.

  • No bleed through of moisture.

  • Handy roll, which is only folded apart when masking.

  • UV-resistant.