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Aerated concrete anchor
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Aerated concrete anchor

Special anchor for aerated concrete

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Exclusively for distributors

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Special anchor for aerated concrete

Application area:

For use in aerated concrete for attaching:
  • Letterboxes

  • Façade structures

  • Windows

  • Curtain rails

  • Towel holders

  • Wall cupboards

  • Cable conduits

  • Lamps

  • Metal brackets

  • Shelving

  • Pipe clamps

  • Skirting boards

  • etc.


  • Borehole diameter = diameter of centre point

  • Rotary, non-impact drilling

  • Screw length = anchor length + clamping length + screw diameter

  • Wood screws mean higher contact pressure for higher loads

  • When using screws with a metric thread, an increased screw-in resistance should be used for calculations


  • Can be used with various screw types and diameters (preliminary testing is advisable)

  • The trilobular design causes the segments to dig into the aerated concrete when driven in and effectively prevent the anchor from turning

  • Once the screw has been inserted, the 3 edges transfer the expansion pressure to the aerated concrete to optimum effect and guarantee high pull-out values

  • Resistant to rotting, weathering and ageing

  • Halogen-free