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Plasterboard plug, Jet Plug
Plasterboard plug, Jet Plug - 1
Plasterboard plug, Jet Plug - 2

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Plasterboard plug, Jet Plug

Includes pan head screw 4 x 35

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Exclusively for distributors

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Includes pan head screw 4 x 35

Field of Application:

  • The ideal solution for attachments to plasterboard with cavities.

  • Suitable materials: plasterboard, plaster, gypsum


  • Place anchor flush or slightly protruding

  • Apply attached parts adjacent to the collar of the anchor for improved force absorption

  • Recommended load: plasterboard, thickness 12.5 mm: 0.10 kN/plaster: 0.22 kN


  • Includes pan head screw 4 x 35

  • Installation also without pre-drilling

  • Can be mounted quickly with a cordless drill

  • The tool chuck is designed in such a way as to accommodate both slotted and Phillips head tools. This means that it is unnecessary to change tools when screwing in anchors and almost all commonly used screws.